lovelovemcqueen asked:

ok, estos fueron mis resultados, que significa?... I mean, this was my results, what it means? Root: under-active (-44%)Sacral: open (31%)Navel: under-active (-6%)Heart: under-active (0%)Throat: open (19%)Third Eye: under-active (-12%)Crown: under-active (-31%)

strangelfreak answered:

with the under act Crown I can tell u r not good at thinking for urself, u rely on other people’s opinions all too much. This is influenced by a family environment related to science/authority/religion. u don’t trust urself enough so u tend to as k for advice and aproval constantly. ur under act Heart shows u r recovering from  a recent break up and aren’t feeling very comfortable in group situations. the under act Root show u r not feeling “at home”. Remember that even though some people talk about “going against the stream” or fighting for ur expression, a better solution would be to simply surround with people that understand/accept ur own uniqueness instead of trying to make u settle down and “be normal”. embrace ur individuality and trust ur intuition. even though u r a young soul u have a beautiful creative journey ahead of u ;)

sit back and watch THIS! 

Wow, a través de un test y desde tan lejos (Barcelona/Portugal) me vinieron  a decir puras verdades, luego entonces, no sé que sigue, que debo hacer o como actuar para solucionar todo esto y comenzar verdaderamente mi “beautiful creative journey”, es nif, no sé como sentirme realmente o por donde empezar.

Thanks a lot strangelfreak

todos deberían seguirlo, es fantástico

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